Geobasics in the Land of the Bible

  • What are geobasics? Physical factors behind the Bible's story

  • Rocks, soils, water, terrain, roads: Aspects affecting life issues

  • Regional personalities: Not a 'flat land' but vibrant with variety

  • Biblical nuances: See the land like those who lived in it

Getting a firm hold on the actual land of the Bible is what this study is designed to do. Like no other study it details the physical land itself as it was in biblical times—its well-watered, fertile north, its arid south and transitional zones between the two. This is the land that the herdsman Abraham knew, that echoes throughout the songs of the psalmist and that Jesus of Nazareth trod. It is a highly effective study, with concise geobasic statements and texts, which recapture subtle nuances of Scripture that people in the Bible knew well.

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