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Regions on the Run

  • Biblical message: Emerges from the land of the Bible

  • Three arenas: Distinct personalities of the land

  • Chronological charts: Graphic views of history

  • Six-page gospel outline: Follow Jesus through maps

The Concept

The book and its very useful 4000 Year Overview chart teach both regionally and chronologically. The land is divided into its Northern, Southern and Central Arenas and offers seven Field Trips Through History distributed across these arenas—that is, seven sweeps through the events of the Bible in the areas in which they took place. The chart plots out the bigger picture.

The Book

Regions on the Run alone is a book full of information that is really beneficial to anyone trying to further their knowledge of the Bible. It teaches through maps, discussions, texts, and charts. The book visually sets the events of the Bible against their greater context in the ancient Near East. The book is also sold as part of the Introductory Printed Set.

Plus Gospel Outline

Included in Regions on the Run is a Regional Outline of the Gospels (pp. 32-37). This tool harmonizes Gospel events in a four column layout and identifies the regions in the land where they occurred. An essay on 'The Land Between into the Days of Jesus' (pp. 30-31) follows the Bible's story from the Old Testament to the New Testament and illustrates the connections between them.

Seeing the Bible played out on the land is exciting—and thus most users begin their study with Regions on the Run. The Introductory Study Package combines Regions on the Run, our seven Regional Study Maps and our online downloadable Regional Study Guide. After introducing the ‘Land Between’ the study turns to its three major arenas. The importance of these arenas emerges as one marks selected events on the seven large, 3D maps. The user needs only add a small set of marking pens to the book, maps and guide.

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