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Learn the Bible through Maps –
Introductory Study Package

With Improved printed 2022 Regional Study Guide
(Replaces older digital guide) 

Complete Package now on Amazon or bulk orders here

Learn the Bible through Maps – Introductory Study Package

The Introductory Study Package includes:
   • Regions on the Run book
   • Regional Study Maps full set of 7 maps
   • Regional Study Guide for map marking

Regions on the Run has maps, charts and discussions of arenas in the land of the Bible. Each section of this book introduces a major factor in the land of the Bible


pp 6-7 • The land of the Bible is a ‘Land Between’—between the powerful physical forces of sea and desert and wet and dry, and the powerful centers of Egypt and Aram (northwestern Mesopotamia).


pp 8-9 • The land's story is overshadowed by Imperial Highways linking Egypt and Aram.

pp 10-15 • The land’s well-watered and heavily traveled Northern Arena has major battlefields surrounded by Phoenicia, Damascus and the northern kingdom of Israel.

pp 16-21 • The land’s arid and more difficult Southern Arena hosts major trade routes disputed by Edom, the land of the Philistines and the southern kingdom of Judah.

pp 22-29 • The land’s strategic Central Arena is the battlefield of the Central Hill Country and Jerusalem. Gateways in and out of this arena make it the focal point of biblical history.

Regions on the Run treats each arena separately and illustrates them by short essays called Field Trips Through History. Biblical events in the ‘Field Trips’ illuminate the dynamic of each arena, and each ‘Field Trip’ is carefully linked to an easy to use interpretive time-line (chart) that leads the reader through 4000 years of history.

pp 30-40 • This section contains a background discussion for reading the four Gospels, linked to a six-page Regional Outline of the Gospels and the large, fold-out 4000 Year Overview chart.

Click on maps to scroll through the set

Front Cover of Regions on the Run
RSMap1: Middle East
RSMap2: Land Between
RSMap3: Northern and Central Arenas
RSMap4: Southern and Central Arenas
RSMap5: Galilee and Jezreel Valley
RSMap6: Heartland of Judah
RSMap7: Benjamin and Its Approaches

The Regional Study Maps are seven large format, 3-D maps of the land in color with

actual relief, regional/site names, roads, elevations, other features on each map. The maps are 17x22 inch or 43x56 cm in size.


List of maps in the set:


  1  Middle East Map

  2 Land Between Map


  3 Northern & Central Arena Map

  4 Southern & Central Arena Map


  5 Galilee & Jezreel Valley Map

  6 Heartland of Judah Map

  7 Land of Benjamin Map

The Regional Study Guide is improved and updated as of 2022 and is included in this package in printed format only. 

It offers discussion of twenty-four major events in the land of the Bible is presented on the seven maps listed above. The marking instructions on these maps create an interactive learning experience. The Regional Study Guide brings to life the above materials and leads the student in a personal exploration of the maps and charts. Frequent use is made of the large, fold-out 4000 Year Overview chart in the back of Regions on the Run. The temporal context of the biblical period emerges without the need to memorize historical facts.

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