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A combined 120 years of teaching in the classroom and in the land of the Bible

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The Land of the Bible is one of the the best commentaries on the story and message of the Bible ... it is what Biblical Backgrounds calls

‘God’s testing ground of faith.’

We see the land as central to the story of the Bible. God called Abraham to this fragile land. After the Exodus Israel returned to this same land, caught between the might of Egypt in the south and the threat of empires from the north. David and others built kingdoms here. Under Roman domination of this 'Land Between,' Jesus, the true King appeared.  

This is a land of opposing features. The Rift Valley has torn through its mountainous regions. The flora of the well-watered north contrasts sharply with the arid south. Uplifted hills, deeply eroded canyons, steep faults, sea, and swamps impede travel. Biblical authors drew heavily upon these realities and regional perspectives. 

We encourage you to interact with the land and its regions through your own hands-on marking of our maps. Follow David’s movements through the rugged terrain of Judah. See Samson’s escapades in the lowlands. Understand the temptations of kings to ignore the warnings of the prophets. Identify the battlefields between the peoples of the Bible.


The land is an interpretive lens on the Bible.

Immerse yourself in your studies to grasp the Bible times.

Our maps and teaching materials have been used in countless schools and churches going back to Jim Monson's innovative and immersive "Physical Settings" course in the 1970's in Israel. Numerous study tours of the Holy Land use our materials and unique maps. And many more draw upon the innovative concepts and teachings of Biblical Backgrounds. 

Learn the Bible in the Land itself with our maps in hand at

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